Q: What is Hawkeye most afraid of?
Jim McCann: In the past I'd say it [was] living up to others’ expectations, but he's proven to his teammates—and more importantly to himself—that he is more than capable. That was symptomatic, I feel, to his underlying, deepest fear: that of being abandoned. The thought of losing those he loves He was orphaned, lost his mentors to crime, lost his brother to crime—and death— lost his place in the Avengers, lost the team he founded, lost almost every woman he loved, and lost his life. That's a lot of loss for one man to endure; every time life seems to be going well, things are pulled out from under him and he's left all alone in some way or another.
Okay here's one I have: Clint, while joking with Natasha, named his bow after her because its deadly and beautiful. She insist that he should change it but he keeps it out of spite (and possibly something else.)

I agree with this completely. 

To add on: It’s more of a joke now, but there are times where he calls his bow “Tash” in the middle of battle and all of the Avengers are like, “wtf. :I”

Headcanon Time!

This is triggery so I will put it under a cut. However, if people want to know why my Clint is so hesitant about having sex or even getting close to people, this is why:

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Gold and Brown
─ Anonymous

gold: story that makes me smile
 - there was this one time where there was a puppy that got in line of my arrows once. i accidentally shot it in the leg, but despite this, the stupid little thing came running (more like waddling) up towards me not five minutes later. i took it in and i actually had the dog for about a year (his name was ronin) until fury said that i had to give him away.

brown: relationship or friend with benefits?
 - i… don’t really know, actually. i’ve been in both, or had both, and i enjoy both equally. there are times where i feel like i would like to have a relationship with someone, but other times where i  just need too… well, fuck. -shrugs-



It was funny the first couple times, but Clint’s gotten tired of Tony programming JARVIS to play “Baby Got Back” every time he walks into a room.

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Hawkeye spends a lot of his time on the roof. Occasionally they’ve found him asleep up there.

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Phil Coulson:

phil coulson: someone i ‘secretly’ fanboy over

… -cough- uh. bruce. the hulk. 



you know. the hulk.

-tries to contain his embarrassment-

Steve Rogers
─ Anonymous

steve rogers: a cause i would fight for

… to be honest, there isn’t a cause i would get up and arms about. i tend to fall on the neutral side of most things. if there was a fight against loki? hell yeah i’d be there in a heart beat. but that’s not really a cause. i guess… giving everyone a better life. yeah, that could be my cause.

Tony Stark; Nick Fury

tony stark: something i’m vain about

my ability with a bow. i know, that’s kind of generic when talking about me but it’s seriously one of the only things i’m really good at. so, why wouldn’t i be vain about it?

nick fury: my last physical injury

i dislocated my shoulder, fractured my middle finger on my bow hand, broke ribs and was torn from the inside from my little tryst with loki. i’m sure there were numerous concussions and head injuries in there, but i don’t seem to remember those clearly. 

i haven’t gotten physically injured since then.


no, i’m not automatically nice to everyone i meet.

no, i will not teach you to shoot if i just met you.

no, i will not show off unless i really like you.

no, i will not have sex with you.

no, i will not rat out my fellow agent.

stop assuming things, people. all you’re doing is making me even more angry.