Okay, so I know you guys are probably sick of seeing me on your dashes…


Especially pleading for money. 


I just found out that my Mom basically left the storage space for us to deal with and if you’ve ever dealt with a storage space, you know it’s like 300-600 bucks per month. We didn’t realize that she had left stuff in there (meaning that we had to pay another month today). So, upon paying this month… we are completely broke. Like, completely. We have maybe 5 dollars in the bank. It’s not going to be for long—we have a steady flow of money coming in… it just hasn’t come in yet. My Dad’s getting paid next week, but we don’t have the time/money (obviously) to be this broke for that long. 

So… I know that I’ve asked this about you guys a lot and I’m sorry. I hate having to ask this and feel like I’m pandering and just being an all around pest. I feel horrible. But I don’t have anything to sell or commission, so… this is the best I can do. 

I need your help—no, My dad and I need your help. Mom screwed us over, my sister’s pretty much abandoned us and my Grandmother has forgotten that my Dad even exists anymore because she’s so angry with him. I’m caught in the crossfire because I don’t have a job yet and… I’ve just been getting ignored. 

So, if you can, can you please donate? Even if it’s just a dollar or fifty cents, that’s enough. We need this money for… well, living. I’m sorry, did that sound guilt-trippy? I don’t mean to force anyone to donate or anything—I would just really appreciate it. As a community of friends, I just want some help. 

Thanks so much, Alice.

The button is on my page (click here).

Better now that you're close. -running her hand up into his hair- I've been coping.Work and all. Missing you while you're on missions. Thank you for coming home again. You're surprisingly good at that, considering how reckless you are. -pecking his lips-

yeah… -wraps his arms around her waist and pulls her close- i’ve been busy. i’m sorry for leaving you alone, pretty. -brushes her hair back and presses a kiss to her forehead- hey, home is where the heart is. i couldn’t not come back.

I miss you.

hey gorgeous… 

i miss you too. how have you been?

widowsweb replied to your post: Where is the most kinkiest play you and Tasha fucked?

I don’t know there was that one time in the park on the swing set…

but that wasn’t—… 

Where is the most kinkiest play you and Tasha fucked?
─ Anonymous

by play you probably mean place and uh… 


to be honest, we haven’t had sex all that much. my nest, i guess, is the kinkiest. i guess.


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Killing Two Birds With One Stone|| Tasha, Clint, & Loki~



Loki stood back, rolling his neck as he watched them dart off. He had been trailing them for sometime, waiting for the right moment. Were they not supposed to be assassins? In all honesty, he found their behaviour to be childish, at the best of times. Especially at times like these. But then, it seemed they could afford to relax right now, couldn’t they? Nothing for them to do, Midgard was saved for the time being. The Trickster clicked his tongue, hands clasped behind his back as he followed them. He would catch up soon, and they certainly wouldn’t be laughing then.

“Not my fault you so slow!” She called as she ran towards the swing set. Nat threw her empty coffee cup into a near by garbage can and jumped up on the swing. She smirked. “I win.” Tasha sat down on the swing, laughing lightly. “I think it’s all the Soap Operas you’re watching Barton. Making you soft.” She winked and shook her head as she started to pump her legs. Natasha shivered slightly, her face becoming serious, and looked around quickly. She felt like someone was watching them.

With a shake of his head, he slid to a stop in front of her, hands resting on his hips. “Oh, right—Actually, you’re probably right. I need something physical to do or I’m going to go insane. Thanks for this, Tash.” Clint smiled at Natasha, stepping out of the way once she started swinging. He felt the paranoid feeling of someone watching them as well, but it wasn’t strong enough to be deemed worthy to look into. People usually stared when he and Natasha passed for some reason. But when Natasha herself looked nervous… “Tasha?”

Killing Two Birds With One Stone|| Tasha, Clint, & Loki~


Tasha elbowed Clint playfully as they walked down the quiet sidewalk. “You know that didn’t happen. I won that bet fair and square.” She laughed lightly shaking her head and taking a sip of her coffee. Okay maybe not completely fair, but she did take down  the most bad guys. Nat sighed softly as she spotted a park, a small smile on her lips. “Race ya?” She nodded her head towards the park. She didn’t wait for an answer as she speed off. 

A short laugh escaped Clint’s lips as he was elbowed (rather hard) in the ribs. “Ow! And that was not fair, Tash, and you know it!” His own tea warmed his finger tips as they walked down the street. It was nice to get out with Natasha again, just—living life the way it was supposed to be lived. Also, not being stuck at his apartment watching crappy soap operas. He glanced at Natasha as she called for a race and he grinned, tossing his tea quickly as he darted forward the moment that she did, knowing she’d try to get a head start. “Cheat!”

damianfuckingstark replied to your post: i think i need a mission.

… Oh dear.





i know it’s bad.

i think i need a mission.

seriously. i’m sitting here watching as the world turns. 

… yes.

a soap opera.